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Vesica Piscis. First Light occurs at every instant w/o functioning inside the restraints of time. Idea of Light would appear in your vision, become tangible + you could grab it. Seeing is not enough, raising your hand and reaching for it brings wonderful results, while grabbing its essence + making it your own creates New Light.  Ancient Egyptians called this phase of Creation 'Mer' which means Light. From the cellular to the Universal Mind it sustains the same continuity, design, and…

Tattoo Ideas Graphic sacred geometry name: vesica piscis. when I saw this symbol for the first time, i felt i found something i'd been looking for all my life. it's interpretation: "The joining of God and Goddess. the flower of Life.

Early illustration of the phases of the moon

La Luna Athanasius Kircher, Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae (Rome: Scheus, 'The Selenic Shadowdial or the Process of the Lunation'.

Transmutation Circles, "Part Two: Form And Symbology". Full Metal Alchemist / Hagane No Renkinjutsushi

Fullmetal Alchemist Discussion Board > Transmutation circles in FMA, How do they work? Explaining transmutation circles found in FMA