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I have to disagree here. The more likely reason she doesn't have media coverage is because she hasn't made any big contribution yet, she just has a high IQ.

Olivia Manning accepted to Mensa with IQ higher than Albert Einstein or/and Stephen Hawking

Man Spends 7 Years Drawing Incredibly Intricate Maze

Man Spends 7 Years Drawing Incredibly Intricate Maze

A really freaking crazy maze, created by a Japanese janitor 30 years ago.

"and history remembers her as pretty" Ahhh....Yes history might, "remember her as pretty" but we admire her because she demonstrates that true beauty comes from within and she never missed an opportunity to show hers.

Older Audrey Hepburn…

Funny pictures about Older Audrey Hepburn. Oh, and cool pics about Older Audrey Hepburn. Also, Older Audrey Hepburn.

I don't think it is possible to look like the people in the top pic. Why do models always have to be so skinny?!?!?!#perfect the way you are!

All beautiful woman. (but IMO, the VS girls are too skinny) \\\ The Dove campaign women look so much more beautiful and healthy.


12 Funny and Clever Things Said No Teacher Ever

lol I had to put a pillow over the modem to try and hide the noise from my parents at night

Haha! Yep!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

When suddenly pro-transgender activists realize what they're actually defining women as, and realize their position is sexist and anti-feminist.