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Tony Perry: Pierce The Veil

Tony from Pierce The Veil. It was the Sws and Ptv World Tour. I got to see Sws. But Ptv didn't come out on the stage for like 3 hours. I was like freaking out! It was a waste of a drive too

We got to see Dan curling Phils hair, see them playing with Catrifics dog and a whole bunch of other stuff..this month of June has been truly great #blessed"#phan2017 #lol

Here we see a wild heart eyes Howell in its natural habitat. Staring at Phil Lester and wanting so badly to smooch his smol bean<<whoever said "smooth his SMOL bean" is one of my new favorite people

Tony Perry asleep - Bing Images

That's out tony sleeping with a dog dressed as batman and a light saber I love ya anyways tony

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