Explore Chicken Dumplings, Dinner, and more!

Lazy Wednesday dinner.  Chicken-Dumpling soup!

Wednesday March 2016 We were going to go see Deadpool and that didn't pan out.

EPISODE 200!  Lazy Turducken!

You can make really good turducken at home! I look cool in a tuxedo

Guy food episode!

Perfect in between periods or half time snack for Hockey Night in Kenora, or Supper Bolt, or your favorite Saturday television! Super easy to make!

Fresh Oysters!

Trying fresh Oysters for the first time, and deep fried!

Lamb, A dinner by Larry The Butcher

Lamb Shoulder chops and seasoned zucchini on the bbq, with rice. An awesome meal for Sunday, or any day!

Crock pot chicken from frozen!

I cook a chicken from frozen in a crock pot, originally to make a stew, but I lost the key to my motorcycle and we had mac and cheese and chicken instead!

EASY DINNER! Stuffed Pork Tenderloin!

Pork tenderloin was on sale, so I decided to show you how to roll it and stuff it with some easy to get ingredients!


Oyster steak is a little known piece of meat, located on the hip over the aitch bone.

Turkey buying advice!

Some tips to help you buy your holiday turkey! per person (think minimum of 12 pounds, gives you space to add aromatics, and left overs!