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you're off to great places today is your day, your mountain is waiting so get off your way

I will never forget when my high school English teacher read this book to us on the day of graduation. Not a dry eye in the room!<<<<< It's a popular book for graduations, isn't it.

I like this . . . but I'm also raising 2 strong boys.  Boys will become fathers and husbands and lead their families.  They need to be strong too.

For my daughter. I thrive to raise a strong woman. And to those who are negative about daughters, you'll only inspire me to make her even more outgoing, strong and opinionated! For my beautiful baby girl !

If you can tell yourself this...you can move mountains (not literally, please do not attempt to move a mountain!!!)

I am. (These are things that when reinforced over and over in a childs life actually help enable them to make better choices. Love being the root that the rest can grow from). confidence boost, confidence quotes, becoming confident

Honestly.....sometimes I prefer the sugar coated bullshit !!!

No shit! vgb Honesty is better than sugar coated bullshit.