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When thinking about life remember this: no amount of guilt can solve the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future

Past guilt and future anxiety

admit it  I do admit it, unfortunately, it made me withdrawn and mistrustful and sucked the joy out of me....

I'll admit it. In my book of life? You either lay in your puddle of tears and drown in it (boo-hoo-pfft) Or you stand up proud and tall, and change it. Re-write your story. You are the artist, of your life. Let it fuel you.

Life and Ocean are alike

Life is like the ocean

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Picture Quotes.

After a long call with my dad and a long drive with some one that means the world to me they both said something similar to this. Remember ladies keep your head up . Dealing with our baby daddies is not always easy.


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No matter how good or bad you have it. wake up each day thankful for your life. someone somewhere else is desperately fighting for theirs.

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dont worry your gossip ugly ass will get what you deserve one day! #HughesNetBryant

Don’t sacrifice your peace trying to point out someone’s true colors. Lack of character always reveals itself in the end.

can someone agree that that these lines could be the definition of Reservation and Hesitation?


I'm not the same person, and I never will be. Stop looking out the window for old pieces of me to be carried in with the wind and blow up the driveway. You can lock the door, and turn off the porch light. That person isn't coming back.

so true especially when they wake you up at 4a.m.

Horses Don't wear Hats

Every freakin night!

Truth spans the distance of space & time - a mother's love never dies.

Love you Mom.

My Time Is Valuable

At this point in my life, If it's not making me money, making me better or making me happy, then I don't have time for it. I don't have time for the people who suck my money time or unhappiness away from me.


Quote ~ start real, stay loyal, or stay away from me. You kbow who you are. If you dont like my life----get the hell out of it.

I'm just now hearing about even more lies you've made up about me from your own family and friends, and despite your best efforts to make me sound like a horrible woman to better your image, I still come out ahead in the end because I love the woman and mother I am!

"i love myself" - the quietest, simplest, most powerful revolution ever.

Stop leaving and you will arrive, stop searching and you will see. Stop running away and you will be found

Stop leaving and you will arrive, stop searching and you will see. Stop running away and you will be found