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One more Pin to reach Yes.this one will do nicely.

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I think one or maybe all of them should have flower crowns XD <<where is the overlord of the fandoms. Where is HOMESTUCK?

A shipper and a non-shipper watching a show together

A shipper and a non-shipper watching a show together. << Cause Penny ships SHAMY!

Gotta love Lucy!

I Love Lucy: Lucy & Ethel - Lucy Learns to Sew - BuzzinBumble: Vintage Sewing & Fun


This is so me.with diet coke. Diet coke & diet pepsi are NOT the same.

Always the second......

Story of my life, except I can totally be classy and elegant while spilling food on my shirt and tripping over things.

Sinterklaasintocht 2017

Sinterklaasintocht 2017