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Sophia Loren

Dedicated to the Italian actress, style icon, bombshell and living legend SOPHIA LOREN!

Ms Bardot dancing

Brigitte Bardot is a total hair icon. You'd be hard pressed to find a photo of this incredible beauty when her hair wasn't absolutely amazing. She was proof that a great style can help your inner beauty shine!

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Oh yes I am def hard to handle & a challenge too.Jeffrey baby you def handle me

spacequest:   Weird !

Haw haw , he brought a bullet firing 6 gun to a laser battle ."( the dirty space alien falls down dead )

Everyone needs a little music while they ride.

Mark Ronson (on a super cool bike) and wifey, still from "The Bike Song"

Sen ve gerizekali, çok bilmiş ailen hakkında tek kelime daha duymak istemiyorum!!! Elinize fırsat geçsin de bize sataşmak için her şeyi denediniz!!! Bok yerine koymuyorum sizi!!!ANNEANNENE SAYGIM VARDI SUSTUM!!!?? PARÇALARIM SİZİ!!! HEPİNİZİ!!

Rome, 1955 by David Chim Seymour on artnet. Browse more artworks David Chim Seymour from Magnum Photos.

FAB Art: The Yoruba African Orisha Experience: A Photographic Exhibition by James C. Lewis

These African Deities Are The Best Gods You've Never Heard Of. Move over Odin, Ra, and Zeus, there's a new really old pantheon in town. Using photo-manipulation, artist James C. Lewis makes us wonder why the Orishas don't have their own comic book series.

Non commitment lol

Look at my face dude do i look like id marry ur lazy ass no way im outta here

Scarlett Johansson in Iron Man 2! She is amazing in Iron man 2!!!

Of course, Ms. Rushman turns out to be more than she appears. In fact, when Tony Stark asks her if she actually speaks Latin, she responds with the phrase "Fallaces sunt rerum species," which means "The appearances of things are deceptive.