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I Hang Out Where I Want

-l-l-l-l- This cat thinks this antenna is for his personal sunbathing pleasure. Not content with the top of the TV for a warm nap. He climbs out on the antenna to nap.

Cat Yoga...

Involuntary Pilates-knee jerk reaction to forced/court ordered exercise without consent. Stare at the face of resistance!

Yogi kitty

I will not look at kitten pictures! I will not look at kitten pictures. I will spend my life looking at kitten pictures if I look at even one. This lil guy reminds me of my Benny!


Funny pictures about Is this mini me? Oh, and cool pics about Is this mini me? Also, Is this mini me?

When the uber driver is sketchy but everyone's too tired to care

When the uber driver is sketchy but everyone's too tired to care Yjis is a great picture

Them Friday feels

Hope you all have a fab Friday :)


Two headed cat. Well, I have heard that 2 heads are better than This must be the world's smartest cat!

<b>The insanely addictive puzzle is 40 this year.</b> Happy Birthday!

It took him

Never seen a cat with a rubix cube?

Lounging cat

What do you mean by "I don't have time to read?" - cat reading the newspaper

Youre hired

Top 30 Funny animal memes and quotes Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!


Chic Animals Kitten Pattern Square Shape Flax Pillowcase (Without Pillow Inner)




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Kittens also use play to learn about their developing capabilities and exercise harassment, pursuing. During playtime using their littermates, they also understand communication skills and crucial body gestures.

Are My Cats Fighting Or Playing

Two of a kind, synchronized sleeping kitties

Well, if you insist

“no more homework. play with me!