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Tumblr Who #52

Tumblr Who #52

a whovian probably ruined it. The last one- his mom can go step on a lego. I hate her. She has no reason to disgrace this man. He should disgrace her for being a twat.

Leave it to Amy to get mad at the Doctor for him bringing her parents and the rest of her life back lol

Someone at a wedding needs to shout "Raggedy Man, I remember you! And you are late for my wedding!" Then, one of my friends will come bursting in dressed as the Doctor. After which, we will all dance the Drunk Giraffe.

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Excusies the language.but dat face! I can't get over the horse's face. I CAN'T!

One of the best Dr. Who episodes I've seen.  Creepy Weeping Angels.

Weeping Angels: the ultimate red light green light players. Doctor Who.

I guess I'm kinda disturbed...this cracked me up BIG time

I guess I'm kinda disturbed.this cracked me up BIG time