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aww... check out the sweet turtle love

Awesome Collection Of World Best Reptile and Bugs Photography and Photos Of The Day .

Introducing the enormous Leather Back Turtle - the largest and fastest turtle!

Introducing the enormous Leather Back Turtle - the largest and fastest turtle - high on my list of must sees.

Sea Turtle

Green sea turtles are reptiles whose ancestors evolved on land and took to the sea to live about 150 million years ago. They are one of the few species so ancient that they watched the dinosaurs evolve and become extinct.

green turtle - south west rocks by rowland cain - Pixdaus

Green Turtle, South West Rocks, Australia - Tony Brown I actually caught one of these by hand in Panama City Beach Florida in Maybe a different breed, but a sea turtle nonetheless.

."I swear.....he was THIS BIG"

This is the real life version of Crush from Finding Nemo yelling, righteous righteous!

IMG_6613 | by Joaquin Gutierrez Fernandez

Every sea turtle has markings as distinct as fingerprints on their shells ~ Sea Turtle by Joaquin Gutierrez Fernandez

Stormy Waters “It was great fun swimming amongst the breaking waves, where the turtles fed. They’d get smashed in to the rocks as they ate but they didn’t seem to care. Lacking the shell, I had to be more careful” - by Lance Sagar

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SCUBA dive - swim with colorful fish, sea turtles, and whale sharks; and explore the poetic history of ships and statues nestled in the sand.

Sea turtle & dinner!

Sea turtle eating a jellyfish. This is why we are told not to put plastic bags in the ocean because the sea turtle will not be able to tell the difference between meal and plastic