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My Logo summarizing four solutions I assist with including: Weight Management, Energy & Performance, Healthy Aging, and Lifestyle Maintenance.

A MUST read post from our friend Robyn O'Brien! #stopmonsanto #food #righttoknow #RobynOBrien #Monsanto #Roundup #glyphosate #laundry #labelGMOs #chemicals #cancer #AgentOrange #PCB #DDT

A growing number of Americans are learning about Monsanto, the chemical company that has genetically engineered our food to withstand increasing doses of their chemicals.

Este glutenul bun pentru tine

When many people hear about issues with gluten they automatically think of Celiac disease, but many people simply have an intolerance to gluten and not full-blown Celiac disease. When you have an intolerance, this likely will not show up on blood work so

This challenging ab workout can be done anytime and anywhere — no equipment required!

For Stronger Abs, Add This 2-Minute Ab Workout to Any Routine

14 Facts You Didn't Know About Celiac Disease

14 Things That You Didn't Know About Celiac Disease

Therapeutic Diet for Insulin Resistance

Wet sock therapy for congestion Soak feet in hot water Put cotton socks on that are wet and cold Put dry wool socks on over top Go to bed right away