Spanish Graffiti Art Offers a Trippy Walk Down the Street

A selection of creations by Spanish artist Pejac, between creative street art and urban hijacking! Some amazing and beautiful monochrome creations that lead us

arte callejero: el tiempo pasa...

Hitting the streets of São Paulo is a collaborative effort between two street artists Leonardo Delafuente (aka Delafuente) and Anderson Augusto (aka SÃO).


Los Impresioantes Dibujos en 3D sobre Calles [Recomedado]

© vía Plataforma Urbana

Los 15 mejores cruces peatonales intervenidos con arte urbano

McFries crosswalk in Zurich, Switzerland aplus has put together images of some of the most creative zebra crossings from around the world,.

Graffitis e intervenciones urbanas: 125 fotos que te harán reír, sorprenderte y reflexionar

Pen-pusher by day, street art superhero by night, St Etienne sensation OakOak’s playful diversions are sure to bring a smile to your face.

VINTAGE & CHIC: decoración vintage para tu casa · vintage home decor: Imaginación desbordante (una de arte callejero) · Boundless imagination (and some street art)

Funny pictures about Parking Space Art. Oh, and cool pics about Parking Space Art. Also, Parking Space Art photos.

Spectacular 3D pavement art by Joe Hill and Max Lowry -

British artist Joe Hill created the world’s largest and longest anamorphic street painting in the Canary Wharf district of London back in November of The square foot painting was sponsored by Reebok CrossFit and it took seven days to create it.