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little-people-project-28 par le photographe Slinkachu

This remarkable project called “Little People” is created by London street artist Slinkachu. All started in Slinkachu took figures from tiny train set

美味しそうなスイーツと、“こびと”たちの組み合わせが面白い! こちらは、カリフォルニアを拠点に活動するアーティスト、Matthew Cardenさんの作品。 こびとの世界を映し出したかのような、かわいい写真が人気を呼んでいる。 そのメルヘンな世界観は、まさに“お菓子の家”を彷彿とさせる仕上がりだ。 スイーツの

Honeycomb by Matthew Carden is just one in a series of limited edition prints featuring miniatures on favorite foods. This was recently installed at The Farmer's Daughter Hotel in Hollywood.

Faith- do Artista Slinkachu

Faith, os pequeninos suicidas de Slinkachu

Миниатюрные человечки от Slinkachu

Fantastic Voyage With the Last Resort installation he started the year off with a bang and now London-based street artist Slinkachu is back with more incre

Little People


Sumo by Akiko Ida & Pierre Javelle - It's the little people, from Parisian photographers Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle - art in miniature! Each square card comes cello-wrapped with a beautiful quality white laid envelope.

Artist Slinkachu...The miniature world

In his Little People series, French photographer Jean-Joseph Renucci joins the ranks of Slinkachu and Christopher Boffoli in creating fantastic, tiny, whim


Creative art project by Slinkachu features tiny people strategically placed on the streets of European cities for everyone to discover and enjoy.

I want that dress *-* >< Miraculous Ladybug

Miraculous Ladybug & Chat Noir - The dress - Chat Noir Marinette Alya Adrien Nino