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Small Fluffy Dog Breeds | Cricket's Fluffy Foster Friends: ?WHEATABLE?

I was searching the internet for pictures of mixed breed Wheaten Terriers ---- they are called a Wheatable.

Top 15 Dog Breeds for New Pet Owners

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Top 15 Dog Breeds for New Pet Owners

Kody the Pomeranian

My name is Kody but sometimes people call me Koky so I became Kody Koky! At times they even call me Koky Coconut; it's crazy I have all sorts of nicknames. I am a happy and well-behaved

Sleepy Face Samoyed A pure white sleepy face Samoyed Dog.

Sweet Samoyed Wynter with a silly expression on her face! Oh, Wynter you still look beautiful no mater what!

Schnauzers...best dogs ever

Miniature Schnauzer chasing bubbles - my Rhodesian Ridgeback Molly LOVES to do this on our deck, so hilarious! She even has some chicken flavored bubbles, that smell like the real deal.