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Creative Lair of Margo-sama : Photo

Creative Lair of Margo-sama : Photo---It's funny because he's walking away from chaos yet at the same time he's walking into

.....yep, I noticed as well<--- XDD When there is nothing to do in the meetings Canada just...

Sweet potato Jesus, I needed this. wait is that Canada. Yes Canada he is fabulous

This is probably how it went with Alfred there

Hetalia - America Why are you having George carry you, Alfred? I think he has…

QA 06 by Ask-Italy2P Pasta or murder? << I would say killing, but only because pasta is a thing 1p Italy would love, and the 2ps' are (mainly) the opposite of their counterpart.

QA 06 by Pasta or murder?<<<I would have thought a Italy doesn't like pasta since he's aspects of the are in the Like Alfred, hes seems to enjoy Baseball

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I feel like.. this should be a movie or something for Hetalia xD GO ARTHUR<--This needs to be a movie or something

Mr Kirkland, the allies playing extreme hide and seek (or maybe they just call it bullet tag), England always wins XD. Kirkland being James Bond yas

For You  Margo-sama.deviantart.com #hetalia #aph #england #aphengland  #arthurkirkland #kirkland #margosama

For You Margo-sama.deviantart.com #hetalia #aph #england #aphengland #arthurkirkland #kirkland #margosama