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My boyfriend looks like Robert De Niro in his younger years. One day he'll look as Robert De Niro does now, and I will love every grey hair and wrinkle on his beautiful face.

Robert Dinero.. Yuuu, Yuuuu, You're Good!

Robert de Niro, was cool but not now with the release of his new movie Dirty Grandpa.

Best Robert De Niro Movies List

The Best Robert De Niro Movies

List of the best Robert De Niro movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Robert De Niro first worked with Martin Scorsese on the 1973 film M.

نانسى عجرم

نانسى عجرم

Russell Crowe, looks good but he is a Pit Bull and will knock your a** out for looking at him wrong.

Les Mis Australian actor Russell Crowe plays Inspector Javert in the Tom Hooper directed big screen adaptation of the acclaimed musical Les Misérables.