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✘ иιαℓℓ, ℓιαм, нαяяу, ℓσυιѕ αи∂ zαуи ✘

Another reason why I love Paul. He's my hero.

Best thing ever

Louis' with a bunch of pigeons and Niall has a Christmas sweater on

Loius' bum!

Let's be quite clear, he's *Hailey's* Beyonce. Not just any old Beyonce.

I thought they where real for a minute then I remembered they are wax

I saw them at London's Madame Toussadd and Story of My Life was playing. I went summer 3 years ago

reasons why you should never believe what you read in any magazine

This one is a double. First this is not a new friend. This lovely lady is Sophia, Liam’s girlfriend. And the bottom one, with Louis is NOT Eleanor, its his sister Lottie.

Liam looks properly pleased, and Harry is just so overwhelmingly happy and surprised and giddy and amazed, and it's just nice to see him look like that.

Harrys wax figure proves he joined the quiff

Haha>> Zayn about to sneeze. Harry is looking at zayn. Liam is like well then. and Louis is normal -Shahreena

Obviously, we only like them cuz they're hot.>>>Yeah, I bought thier album to listen to thier faces.<<< me too their faces sing so well