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Life Rules: Vodka mixes well with everything, except decisions.

Trying to complete a task before the microwave hits 00:00

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People say

people say "go big or go home" like going home is a bad thing. hell yeah i wanna go home, and i'm going to take a nap when i get there.

Love is when someone asks for a starburst and you give them a pink or a red one. Brief acquaintance is when you ask for a starburst and you give them an orange one. Pure hatred is when someone asks you for a starburst and you give them a yellow one.

Lol - this is so right on! As my husband said with both our kids, "how can something so little be so powerful and control our whole universe?!" Too funny!

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Funny pictures about Baby sleeping positions. Oh, and cool pics about Baby sleeping positions. Also, Baby sleeping positions photos.

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Walmart shoppers are just regular people who didn't want to dress for the mall! Like the brick and mortar version of online shopping in your underwear!