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After rain

After rain

Simple Science Experiment: How Clouds Make Rain - MJCS

Simple Science: How Clouds Make Rain

Simple Science: How Clouds Make Rain. When rainy weather hits and you're stuck inside this simple science experiment is perfect for teaching little learners how clouds make rain.

Rain 4 Biscuit porcelain. Silver brocade fabrics are hand embroidered with beads of 20 shades and with silver threads. The hat is executed of silk gas and is decorated with the glass drops made under the special order.Hair is made of silver threads. Hand painting of the face. One-of-a-kind 25,5” tall.

Porcelain doll by Alexandra Koukinova - Rain 4 (in the Fantasy dolls collection)

Wedding in the rain 4 by Ivan Zamanuhin, via 500px If it rains on your wedding day

inspiration: 24 Couples Who Absolutely Nailed Their Rainy Wedding Day . these romantic souls did not let a little rain ruin their special day together :)

Teach your kindergarten students all about rain and clouds using this rain experiment for kids!  Perfect for a rainy day this spring, or as a complement to your weather activities!  Follow these super simple steps using common household items!

Down Comes the Rain: A Rain Experiment for Kids

After learning about the spring, and weather that is characteristic of springtime, such as rain, students could do this fun activity about rain. This would help students' understanding about rain coming from clouds.

4 Rain Rhymes to Get Kids Moving - have fun in the rain and learn about rhythm too!

Rainy Day Nursery Rhymes : Songs for a Rainy Day

4 Rain Rhymes to Get Kids Moving. They can get out of their seats, spread out, and dance to our rain songs. This gives them some wiggle time and come back to the lesson refreshed.