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Multitool 4x48 Belt Grinder Sander

Multitool Belt Tracking Tips

police gear organizer

Police Style Hanging Locker or Closet Door Organizer. For him to keep all his stuff organized instead of on the table.

sandlot forever quote - Google Search

Men's Blue Sandlot Forever Tee

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16 Tips: Get More From Hammers, Saws, and Other Hand Tools. Hand tools are great, but they're even better when you use them creatively for things they're not designed to do. http://www.familyhandyman.com/tools/get-more-from-hammers--saws--and-other-hand-tools?pmcode=pin110114c

Get More From Hammers, Saws, and Other Hand Tools

Wrench for Rounded Bolt Heads Loosen bolts with worn, rounded heads with a pipe wrench! The pipe wrench jaws dig in and grab the head so you can remove the bolt.

The Mini-Sentry Trip Alarm - good for perimeter alert

The Mini-Sentry Trip Alarm Goes BOOM

The Mini-Sentry trip alarm uses a readily available, inexpensive caliber concrete gun load or blank, and is constructed of machined brass, steel and stainless.

Photo copy the object you're trying to hang to get the screws/nails directly where you'd like them.

MY MIND IS BLOWN! Smartest thing EVER! when you have to hang something with exact holes, photocopy the back and use as a template! assuming of course it's small enough to photocopy

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Picture of Make a modelers orbital sander out of a toothbrush

Make a Modelers Orbital Sander Out of a Toothbrush

awesome sander from electric toothbrush Maybe leave bristles on and attach sandpaper to back side of toothbrush head.then you'd have a dual purpose tool.