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10 Minute Homemade Butter - The yummiest science experiment ever!  Just a jar and some elbow grease are all you need to turn cream into delicious homemade butter!  This is a classic science activity that every kid needs to try at least once! - Happy Hooligans

How to Make Homemade Butter In a Jar

HOMEMADE BUTTER IN A JAR! Remember doing this as a kid? It's the coolest (and yummiest) experiment ever. All you need is a jar, some cream and a little elbow grease!

#Fan Blade Cleaner, Microfiber Fan Blade Duster, Ceiling Fan Cloth | Solutions

Fan Blade Cleaner - haven't tried this yet, but sounds like a great idea! Keeps all the dust from falling on your furniture, bed, etc. Fan Blade Cleaner is the most efficient way to clean ceiling fan blades.

Sometimes the best way to prevent food from going bad is to throw it in the freezer.

How to use the freezer in your food waste fight

Freezing food Protip: freezing California Lavash will preserve them for up to 6 months past the expiration date, & we recommend that over refrigerating it.


Kitchen And Fitness Related PurchasesTop List Of Items That Gather Dust - And That's Not Necessarily A Bad Thing!

No waste tomato paste

You can save tomato paste for up to 3 months when you freeze it! Open both ends of the can but do not remove them. Wrap entirely in plastic wrap and freeze. Once frozen push paste out of the can. re-wrap and place back in the freezer.

Fold-Out Ottoman Bed Hide a guest bed in plain sight! Ottoman by day...bed by night.

need this for when guests come to my apartment: Fold-Out Ottoman Bed Hide a guest bed in plain sight! Ottoman by day.bed by night. This plus a sofa bed we are good to go in a small apartment

Skinny Diva Diet: Top 10 Flax Seed Health Benefits [Infographic]

Top 10 Flax Seed Health Benefits [Infographic] including nutrition facts, a few recipes and suggested uses; guidelines on buying and storing

Comments say that this shreds chicken perfectly!

Shred chicken easily in your Kitchen-Aid 36 Kitchen Tips and Tricks That Nobody Told You About. This is genius! I hate shredding chicken

How to keep potatoes from getting soft and mushy and starting to grow. I wish I would have known how well this works years ago!

The ludicrously simple way of keeping Your potatoes fresher, tastier, and happier for much longer! An apple.

Ok people. This is a game changer. Best hard boiled eggs EVER!  Place eggs in muffin tin to keep from rolling and bake at 325 degrees for 30 minutes.  Then place in iced water for 10 minutes.  Shells practically fall off.

How to Make PERFECT Hard Boiled Eggs in the Oven

How to make the PERFECT hard boiled eggs in the oven. You'll never boil eggs again! Great for Easter Eggs too :) Just stick them in the oven at for 30 minutes then submerge in ice-water for minutes.

A beautiful example of basic cuts.

101: Dicing Onions Like a Pro

Knife cuts Practicum in Culinary Arts TEKS 10 (f) develop food production and presentation techniques. (h) demonstrate food preparation skills

How to Cut Watermelon Sticks – Perfect For Little Hands

Easy way to cut watermelon into sticks. You can even cut the sticks into little watermelon cubes!

This cauliflower pizza base is a great low-carb way to have your pizza and eat it too.

Pizza dough made from cauliflower. (cauliflower rice = cauliflower "finely" chopped in food processor until it looks like rice.