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With its clean, crisp lines and crystal clear body, this contemporary square glass vase is a lesson in simplicity - and it's simply chic. Fill with striking floral accents such as orchids and bamboo, floating candles and petals.

How to arrange grocery store flowers to look like they were from a florist! Plus lots of other great flower arranging tips in this blog! Nx

101 Flower Arrangement Tips, Tricks, & Ideas for Beginners

Transform ho-hum grocery store flowers into a beautiful bouquet: "A bunch of flowers at the grocery store cost the same as a box of Triscuits; Don't feel guilty for buying yourself flowers"

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Movement in the curls of foliage, spring in the forsythia, tulips and freesia

Sepette Sarı Gerbera Aranjman

Sepette Sarı Gerbera Aranjman

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"Ikebana" by Zen-Images

"Ikebana" by * Baiko

"Ikebana" by Zen-Images

Tulips or any other brightly coloured flower will work  - Cut the stems so the blooms will tumble over the edge of the cup. Fruity Float Add color below the vase line to complement the single-tone flowers above. -- Fill a vase with water. -- Drop handfuls of sliced lemon, lime, orange, cherries, or cranberries into the vase. -- Place flowers in vase, adding more fruit if needed to hide the stems.

Parrot Tulips in a Vase of Citrus Fruits. You will need: Large glass vase Eight oranges Six lemons Six limes Tulips Looks fabulous!