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#TheCliqueIsGoingToJailParty: Image by @tylrspizzaslice

This hashtag has a little bit of a back-story: The song "Heathens" by Twenty One Pilots was leaked last month, long befo.

Just because I play the piano doesn't mean I'm not willing to take you down. I'm sorry. ~Tyler Joseph

~Tyler Joseph<<coconut coconut sHARKS IN THE WATER wait the lyrics are written with comic sans are you serious

twenty one pilots valentines

at my concert tyler said something about josh liking people before he gets to know them and tyler hating people before he gets to know them and i think this sums that part of their personalities up pretty well

This is sooooo cute!!!!!

This is sooooo cute!!!!!

Twenty One Pilots is always so relateable. The Judge // Twenty One Pilots

You can see the emotion of “wow” on his face😂😂 the judge/twenty one pilots

Look at josh's face

Look at josh's face <<< everyone deserves a friend like Josh but not everyone has a friemd like that :' (<< my poor bbs

i would cry so much the whole stadium could possibly flood of my tears of PURE FUCKING HAPPINESS

Tbh I would t touch Josh like that, I would probably make him uncomfortable and extremely anxious