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Trying to have an arguement with my husband and it ends up like this........  How do you yell when you're trying hard not to laugh at him!!!!!

How to behave during an argument

Stand Up If You Are Dumb

Funny pictures about Teacher Just Got Burned. Oh, and cool pics about Teacher Just Got Burned. Also, Teacher Just Got Burned photos.

Trolling the police

I may have to use the last method next time I get pulled over, hopefully the cop has a sense of humor haha

You don't say!  -- Is it just me or have people become so stupid they need obvious signs???

Obvious road signs

This baby who has discovered the transformative and healing powers of the selfie. ❤

22 Babies Who Discovered Selfies

I love little kids. They're so funny and this kid omg he's so cute lol just look at his face at the end!

Truth of life

Truth of life

SO TRUE! Hahahaha :)) This dude right beside me is STILL looking at his thumb. Truth of life // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Not sure why this is true, but it is! Lol

Funny pictures about Hours of sleep. Oh, and cool pics about Hours of sleep. Also, Hours of sleep photos.

Junk Drawer

I think someone photoshopped this because the black arrow is darker than the letters (and the shape of the arrow seems off). But...I still repinned it because it's a mistake that could easily be made.

Silly road signs around the world: Keep right - or left? Does this sign want us to keep left or right?

Ghetto Red Hot - Ghetto Pictures, Ratchet Videos and Funny Memes - Part 52

'Firstname Lastname' is an interesting moniker for this dentist assault suspect

.... *tries to speak but has to close mouth to not laugh* *tries again* *looks down* *tries again but dies laughing*

.... *tries to speak but has to close mouth to not laugh* *tries again* *looks down* *tries again but dies laughing*

Under Police Surveillance…

Funny pictures about Under Police Surveillance. Oh, and cool pics about Under Police Surveillance. Also, Under Police Surveillance.

I still want a glow in the dark wand. #Iwaspromiseddancing @kendrakellhofer @katielou @karilynncrowell @barbaracrowell

19 Delightful Disney Puns

Funny pictures about Disney On Ice. Oh, and cool pics about Disney On Ice. Also, Disney On Ice photos.