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This pic is the best representative of me (baekhyun) and those new kpop groups that come to wreck my list (lay)

You're too nice and too cute to go to hell! You're going to heaven you little angel!


This is for the ppl who think XiuChen isn't real. These aren't fake subs btw

Anti social level: Do Kyungsoo

Im laughing. Not at the fact that D.O's playing against a wall but because of the fact that the wall is winning


I think besides the self proclaimed pervert shirt of Kris, Chen has an amazing one too.


We need Exo Hello Baby < isn't that literally just Exo with Sehun though?

haha thats awesome im so going there

I really want to go to Jimin's parents restaurant now!

Man, they are hilarious!

EXO Showtime taught us this: happy is "yehet," regretted is "kkaebsong," and dislike is "not my style.

I have done this. I'll name some and then get down to the last and be like "who am I missing?" And I'll feel bad haha

" And I'll feel bad haha ^^ Omg, I do this too! How adorable Kai!

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This is true but I love one direction and it was so hard for me too when Three cute amazing members left Exo:'( and when Zayn left! That was hard

Ok this is completely unrelated but that guy in the bg is from a that I watch called blood

SM saranghae !!!

Ok this is completely unrelated but that guy in the meme is actor Ahn Jae Hyun.