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For some people, collecting toy trains isn't just another hobby or interest; The concept of collecting toy trains has been

Winter Steam Engine, New Hampshire, United States

Doesn't this picture make you want to go ride an old train? New Hampshire, United States

.3 steam engine trains...The one I love the most...

Photograph The Race by John Singleton on - Cass Scenic Railroad RailFan Weekend, Cass, WV.

Steam Engine.....She'll be coming round the mountain  - GREAT VINTAGE PICTURE OF ONE POWERFUL TRAIN.

Met this Photographer once he has some amazine train images-She'll be coming around the mountain by Chuck Robinson, Maryland Scenic Railroad

Steam Engine - Fine Art Photograph Print 6"X9" (Other Sizes are Available). $25.00, via Etsy.

The nostalgia of steam whistles. An old steam engine chugs through Bucks County, Pennsylvania (via Steam Engine Fine Art Photograph Print by JoshFriedmanPhoto)

/by DeanM66A #flickr #steam #engine

i would like to ride a steam engine train because they amaze me Mais

bluepueblo:  Steam Engine, New Hampshire photo via beautiful

Steam Locomotive in North Conway, New Hampshire, U.S (by Kathleen Clemons on Conway Scenic Railroad - fun for the whole family

steam engine train | Steam Train, Steam Engine, Railroad, Smoke, Steam, Hdr

Free Image on Pixabay - Steam Train, Steam Engine, Railroad

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November, 2012 Crossing the bridge by *DarrenClarke on deviantART. Tell me those people sitting on the ledge aren't a safety hazard.

Cass Scenic Railroad, WV!!   21+ years living in WV and I've never done this - I REALLY want to!

Shay Steam Logging Locomotive Number 6 Steaming in the Winter Snow, Cass Scenic Railroad, Cass, West Virginia

HowStuffWorks "How Steam Engines Work"- Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

How Steam Engines Work

Steam engines powered all early locomotives, steam boats and factories -- they fueled the Industrial Revolution. Learn how the steam engine produces power!

If you overlaid a gold gear where the front of the train is on the print, it would make an awesome steampunk piece...

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Trains intrigue me. I want to travel across Canada by train. I have used the Eurostar in 2010 and would go again through Europe on a special.perhaps 21 day travel. I was wondering would you travel by train?