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St Martin's Church at Houghton Hall

Martin's Church at Houghton Hall. The medieval church dates from Century and has been enlarged and restored over the centuries, most notably by Sir Robert Walpole, who rebuilt the tower as a memorial to his grandfather Sir Jeffery Burwell in about

The Full Moon at Houghton Hall is 70’ diameter and made from broken pieces of Cornish slate.  http://knell63.hubpages.com/hub/Landscape-Art-Land-art-visible-from-Google-Earth

Landscape Art - Land art visible from Google Earth

Over the millennia humans have been producing some marvellous land art. Strange marks in the landscape that leave us with both clues and mysteries as to the way they thought, worshipped and celebrated.

One of Richard Long's new pieces for EARTH SKY opening at Houghton 30th April. Curated by Lorcan O'Neill @gallerialorcanoneill. Visit Houghtonhall.com for more info! #EARTHSKY #houghtonhall #art #sculpture #contemporaryart #richardlong #exhibition #richardlongathoughton

Built by Great Britain’s first Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole, Houghton was passed to the Cholmondeley family through marriage at the end of the eighteenth century.

Look at this gorgeous old British manor home, jam packed with history!  http://www.examiner.com/article/houghton-hall-portrait-of-an-english-country-house-opens-at-the-legion

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The Stone Hall, Houghton Hall, Norfolk, England. Designed by William Kent & built for England’s first (de facto) Prime Minister Sir Rob...

The Stone Hall, Houghton Hall, Norfolk Architects: Colin Campbell and James Gibbs Photograph: A. Henson Houghton Hall is one of the most important houses of its time.

Photos: Photos: Houghton Hall’s Splendor—and Legendary, Sketch-Filled Guestbook

Photos: Photos: Houghton Hall’s Splendor—and Legendary, Sketch-Filled Guestbook

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Flaming fountain at Houghton Hall, Norfolk

Houghton Hall, Norfolk Gardens, Water Flame fountain by Jeppe Hain, The Galloping Gardener, Best British Gardens

The magnificent Palladian façade of Houghton Hall. Houghton Hall, King’s Lynn, Norfolk; +44-148-552-8569; houghtonhall.com.

Designer Brian Sawyer Visits England's Stately Homes

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Transitional Living Rooms from Shelly Riehl David : Designers' Portfolio 2322 : Home & Garden Television

Courtesy of Houghton Hall, Norfolk

18th Century Beds and Bedding

The Green Velvet Bedchamber at Houghton Hall in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England. The bed was designed by William Kent with an enormous shell inspired by Venus' chariot.