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Disney has a lot going on under the hood (27 Photos)

I was reading this and I suddenly got goosebumps and it began to pour outside

Disney crossovers a little too much?<<<this is why I fucking love Disney

The fact that the person felt the need to let people know they have a nice hat, or that everyone put smilies in the comments

Disney deaths created so simply but tragically, giving us a sharp taste of reality and sadness in the joyful movies. ALLL THE FEEEEEEELLLLSSS

Disney + death = my heart repeatedly breaking. The saddest moments in Disney ever :(

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Let’s Hear it For Aunt Cass, Summing up the Plight of Parenting in 43 Seconds!<<<I loved Aunt Cass

This though. Seriously. Calm down and get your sources right before you get angry.

the reality about Disney princesses This person is an f***ing saint disney does not discriminate

Alsace, France - Belle - 18 Beautiful Locations That Inspired Disney Moives

18 Beautiful Locations That Inspired Disney Movies

Alsace, France - Belle - 18 Beautiful Locations That Inspired Disney Moives saint OLAFS church

I'm sorry I keep sending you pins, but all I could think of was you @Jen Germano when I saw this Pixar Pin. LOL

My logic: Disney translated all of it. Because they wanted us to understand the movie. Also, Wall-e was left behind by the humans, he isn't from the future.<< But he IS in the future. The future from now to there.

Different facts about Disney World. We actually went to River Country and Discovery Island when I was a kid! Sad that they don't exist anymore.

Honestly was never interested in any of the Disney parks till reading all these random facts! Here are some fun and geeky things you may not have known about Disney parks.

Tell me I'm not the only one to have found this? Surely not... Come on, don't let me down!

Top 30 Best Frozen Quotes and Pics

Also, would like to point out that frozen itself is not a fandom. Frozen is one of the many movies in the Disney franchise, and the fandom itself is the Disney fandom. Not the frozen fandom.

Pixar Theory. This is becoming an addiction now!!! THAT IS MY FACE RIGHT NOW! THE MEME AT THE BOTTOM!

refers to a classroom number at the California Institute of Arts. It was the classroom for first year graphic design and character animation, where many of the animators at Pixar and Disney, and several other studios, discovered and mastered their craft.