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I feel like the point of every Twitter account based in Britain is to out-sass the rest of the world.<---and they are brilliant at it!

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Historic Royal Palaces ( is dead on social media with their Dr. Who reference at the Day of the Doctor.


Peter Capaldi his acceptance speech at the British Comedy Awards.he's such an adorable dad :)

Doctor Who and the tenses

Doctor Who

That one time the TARDIS was like every Doctor Who fan.<<NO this is me writing a story and forgetting the tense that i am in

Very cool, but Jack didn't start Torchwood. He doesn't even run all of Torchwood, just Cardiff. Queen Victoria founded Torchwood (right after knighting and then exiling the Doctor in Tooth and Claw). Jack may be shaping things now, especially after Canary Wharf, but props to the Queen and let's not forget why Torchwood was founded. (Also, Slitheen.)

River's should also say "married the doctor." Badass friends of the Doctor.

Tickld - Spread Laughter and Cure Boredom || I don't know if I should put this in the Disney board or the doctor who board...

Marry Poppins is a Time Lord and the last regeneration. :D ^ this is not the only time he has quoted Marry Poppins! It is settled, she is a Time Lady!

CAL and Oswin/Clara o.O

At first I thought "No, that's too much." But the more I thought about it the more I realized Moffat would totally do that. guys clara is cal. CLARA IS CAL WAT

Bad ass, but sad

Similarities: Series 4.09 vs. Series 5.13 - Imgur

Similarities: Series 4.09 vs. Series 5.13

Forest of the Dead/The Big Bang AH! I never even noticed the stairs

Bride to Bee Customized Sunglasses for

Bride to Bee Customized Sunglasses for Bachelorette/Bride/Bride to be/Girls/Bach weekend

The Doctor. Like a little boy, everything made better by cake.

My favourite Superwholock posts

Doesn't cake make everybody feel better. Not even the doctor can resist the power of cake.

Tangled is my favorite Disney movie! And 10 and Rose are my favorite. "Disney Meets Doctor Who. I cannot explain to myself in a logical way how much I love this and why, but where is River?

Bernard Cribbins you role model <3 brilliant as Wilfred Mott and really cool #DoctorWho #BernardCribbins

The Story Behind This “Doctor Who” Scene Will Make You Tear Up. OH gosh, feels. SO many feels. Wilfred is my favorite, and this just.<<< I love when shows give a story in depth, it makes it feel all the more real, gahhhh.

No need to flirt- I will seduce you with my awkwardness

Soo accurate and soo me, I think I've even made that exact facial expression. I'm literally snorting I'm so much fangirling right now