The Barcode Project | Oslo, Norway | due to be completed in 2014

Colorful neighborhood Buildings of The Barcode Project reflect a sunset in Oslo on Nov. The row of new high-rise buildings are part of a redevelopment on former dock and industrial land in central Oslo, due to be completed in Mehr

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Nicky Zwaan & Joris Brouwers, Artists / Amsterdam, The Netherlands, photo by Jordi Huisman. Courtesy of Freunde von Freunden: Friends.

Bahnhof - Frankfurt am Main

Central station-Frankfurt am main, a maze of cables. Took the train from Frankfort to Koblenz.

Urban Tetris by WTek79 on deviantART

Urban Tetris captured by - posted under Beautiful Photography tagged with: Abstract, Architecture, Surreal, Urban Exploration by Fribly Editorial

The Polish Pavilion for the 2010 Shanghai Expo 2010 re-imagined traditional polish folk art paper cutouts as a dazzling CNC-cut plywood facade | WWAA Architects

The Polish pavilion designed for Shanghai EXPO 2010 by the WWAA Architects. The pavilion features a perforated façade, inspired by traditional Polish folk-art paper cutouts. design inspiration, architecture, luxury homes

Wohnhaus Berlin by Heinz Völker and Rudolf Grosse. Photo copyright Alexander H. Schulz We all just love architecture?

Palacio de Cristal, Retiro Park, Madrid, 2012 I would love to fill this with plants!