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Five Printing Predictions For the Next Five Years

It’s true! All of it. Another month has passed and another OMG of 3D goodness has filled up our inbox, bookmark bar and Twitter feed. Here’s a look at what had us oo-ing, ah-ing and GChatting to each other this month. Besides our awesomely adorable 3D printed elephants.

Hey! Did You Know You Can 3D Print Your Home, Kayaks, Oreos and More?!

The Plan Collection is an online house plan provider that has recently announced that they are incorporating printing into their business, to allow customers to receive a printed model of their prospective homes – in a smaller scale.

Beyond 3D Printing: OpenKnit is a 3D Knitting Machine

Will you be wearing printed clothes 10 years from now? The odds are much better than you think. Check out the latest of what's happening in this space.

infinite customization (especially for bridal jewelry) through the magic of 3D printing. Get the idea and start to do this on your own

Forget the 4 Cs — your next ring should be 3D printed like these ones

Printed Custom Engagement Rings and Jewelry - American Pearl

XYZPrinting Announces Two New 3D Food Printers Coming Next Year http://3dprint.com/25002/xyzprinting-3d-food-printer/

XYZ printing lanza una impresora de chocolate, galletas y pizza - Impresoras

ScanSource Shows Off 3D Systems’ 3500 HDMax 3D Printer with Incredibly Tiny 5mm Tall Print http://3dprint.com/11443/scansource-3d-systems-miniature/

ScanSource Shows Off Systems’ 3500 HDMax Printer with Incredibly Tiny Tall Print

A new method of 3D printing an anatomically accurate replica of the human liver is now helping to guide surgeons during tricky procedures, researchers report.  The 3D-printed models of the human liver are made of transparent material that is threaded with colored arteries and veins. These livers could help surgeons prevent complications when performing liver transplants, or removing cancerous tumors, researchers said.

In Images: A 3D Printed Liver

A new printed, anatomically accurate replica of a liver could make surgeries safer, and help train med students.