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purple carrots. That's just so cool!

Boost Your Immune System for Winter Health

❤︎† The color Purple~ represents the Crown Chakra | Spiritual Enlightenment ~ eating foods purple in color will provide much needed nutrition for the 3rd eye Chakra and Crown Chakra | Surround yourself with purple light...only love penetrates purple light:) namaste DL/soul~O                                                                                                                                                     More

The Color Wheel A Magnificent Purple Reign

The color Purple: Purple is the color for royaties. It stands for luxury, wealth, and sophistication. It is also the color of passion, romance, and sensitivity. Makes me love purple more.

Love the contrasting colours. Purple and Black, one of my faves :)

19 Ideas for Your Apartment Decorating

Pretty Purple Bowls Sigma!! Love these bowls and this site has about 50-60 cool cookie cutters!

Sur La Table prep bowls in yummy plum - less than ten bucks. - you said you wanted purple mixing bowls

Doesn't accurately describe me at all, but I still love purple.  YASS HO IF YOU LOVE PURPLE YOU GON HAVE A CHARISMATIC ASS LIFE

My Favorite Color is Purple Meaning

Purple: ♥ Find out what your favorite color says about you in the I ♥ Color series from The Land of Color.My favorite color is purple!

Is it any wonder that purple is my favorite color!

​7 Unique Facts about Purple