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Online Contest - Black and white with a splash of color - Fine Art America

Black and white diner with red stools. Online Contest - Black and white with a splash of color - Fine Art America

Watermelon Photography + Art + Valentines Day + Heart + Black and White + Red + Pink + Select Color

I really like this selective color photo because I like that the part that is colored forms a heart. I think the composition is very unique.

"I hear your voice, and I, I split in two...Now there's one of me...with you..." - P!nk   Miss you so much, sweet girl <3

This photo is a successful hand coloring photo because it makes the picture more dramatic and the red draws a lot of emphasis to the rose petals. I really like this picture because of the dramatic effect the red has on the roses.

black and white photos with color accents | Black and White Partial Color Effect - Photoshop Elements Tutorial ...

How to Do Black and White with Selective Color in Photoshop Elements

Black and white with selective color is a popular effect to make one element of a photo stand out. Here's how to do it non-destructively with adjustment layers.: The Completed Image with Selective Colorization

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Red double-decker bus- I really like the contrast between the bright red bus and the black and white background of London.