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Lunar Chronicles MASH I will marry Wolf, be BFFs with Winter, be a Thaumaturge, live in Rieux, have cyborg parts for a skill, and my vehicle will be a hover. How about you?

WINTER Release Day

Lunar Chronicles MASH What did you get? Me- Marry: Wolf Bff: Winter Job: SpaceShip Pilot Home: Farafra Tech: Hacker Vehicle: Hover

The crescent moon actually

The crescent moon actually>>>So does that mean That the Rampion crew are minions and Cinder is Gru.

TLC SW2 - Stories by on @DeviantArt

Love how on Cress the shoe is too big oms << oh stars Dr Erland as the fairy god mother<<Are we not going to talk about Iko.

The TLC Bookmark Design Winner! | Marissa Meyer

By Thereza! This is the most amazing design ever! Help me make this one win because I desperately need this on a bookmark! (Order from bottom to top: Iko Wolf Scarlet Kai Cindet Thorne Cress Jacin and Winter!