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UPDATE 6/1/14 2:29 PM: Here is an English translation of the below Arabic video message and transcription: ___________ Source:  — UPDATE 5/19/14 8:28 AM: Here is an Arabic transcription of th…

al-Furqān Media presents a new video message from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām: “Clanging of the Swords, Part

IS Al-Khansa brigade: Meet the women Islamic State use to dish out brutal punishment

THEY are the group of women who enforce Sharia law on women in areas controlled by Islamic State militants.

Terrorists Selling Plundered Antiquities in the Market: FBI

Families of Iraqi soldiers abducted by ISIS storm parliament – reports — RT News

Islamists order mass female genital mutilation in Iraq: UN

Iraqi authorities are holding thousands of women illegally, subjecting many to torture, abuse, threats to their family and rape, according to a Human Rights Watch report released Thursday. The findings come amid Baghdad’s promises of judicial reform.

A Brisbane man is feared to have travelled to the Middle East to fight for Kurdish militia YPG.

Australian anti-Islamic State (IS) fighter Ashley Dyball says he has been charged as a terrorist and will be deported from Germany to Australia. Dyball, from Brisbane, has posted on social media sa.

Legal group seeks details on IRS agreement with atheists to monitor churches

Alliance Defending Freedom filed a Freedom of Information request last week.

Victoria's deradicalisation plan a 'Soviet-style' idea that will only alienate – expert | Australia news | The Guardian

Victoria's deradicalisation plan a 'Soviet-style' idea that will only alienate – expert

Foreigners who joined ISIS faced almost certain death in Raqqa

Reuters: IŞİD Sözcüsü öldürüldü: Reuters'ın haberine göreIŞİD Sözcüsü Ebu Muhammed El-Adnani Halepte öldürüldü.

Islamic State foreign fighters are being paid with ‘wives’ and sex

Human Right Watch map that appears to show an Isis execution site near Tikrit. Photograph: Human Rights Watch

Isis execution site revealed by satellite images, claims human rights group

Human Right Watch map that appears to show an Isis execution site near Tikrit. Photograph: Human Rights Watch


Symbolic: ISIS militants have reportedly issued these Islamic State passports in the hope they will give the unrecognised state an air of legitimacy. The documents are said to have been issued to people

Extremist clothing sprouting fundamentalist propaganda is being sold online and from local markets across Sydney's southwest

ISLAMIC fundamentalists in south-western Sydney are wearing propagandist paraphernalia freely available for sale at local markets and online to show their support for jihadi bloodshed.

Pictures of the attack were posted on a social media account affiliated with the Islamic

THE Islamic State jihadist group said it carried out a missile attack on an Egyptian navy vessel off North Sinai on Thursday, the first such incident in a two-year insurgency.

CHURCH-goers in Sydney's west have been left shaken after a stranger shouted death threats from a car bearing the Islamic State flag.

Australia: Muslims with jihad flag on car drive by church, shout threats to “kill the Christians” and slaughter their children

Remote controlled targets in the United Arab Emirates.

Caught in the crosshairs: the woman who photographs shooting ranges

Sean O'Hagan: From Iraq to Afghanistan, Mali to the US, Herlinde Koelbl has travelled the world taking photographs of military practice targets – and the changing face of conflict now haunts her dreams

The war against extremism must be waged online

VIDEO: Australian Federal Police issues arrest warrants for Australian Islamic State fighters Mohamed Elomar, Khaled Sharrouf, after gruesome beheading photographs published online

Eunuchs: Academics state Islamic State (ISIS) cannot be a ‘new Caliphate’ without introducing a cruel cut

THE Islamic State is not a real Caliphate. But are its blessed warriors destined to become eunuchs?