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The Wicked Day  ~Merlin~

Arthur and Merlin. Loved this scene. best friendship in the world! Though I do also ship Merthur so that may be biased.

Season 3, Episode 3 "Goblin's Gold"

Dunky Arthur is probably the best thing ever

Arthur is just like "I'm so done with you, Merlin," and Merlin is just like "What did I do wrong?" then there's Uther who's like "Since when did I have two idiot sons....wait....when did I have two sons!?!?!?!?!?!?" Lol

I loved this because when Arthur and Merlin are alone together, always throws stuff at Merlin or teases him. But when Uther walked in it was like, "Oops! We were acting like two little boys and Daddy caught us.

I insulted you, I slept next to you, I supported you, I swore I would protect you, I held you, but most of all....I loved you

loved you - this was Merlin's pure, humble, selfless service, his whole reason for being, just as Sam served and loved Frodo so purely and deeply.

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First season be like sure kill him, all the rest are merlin saving his butt