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52 Funny Pictures for Today

A comicbook nerd's dream! Cobie Smulders Avengers Late Night with Seth Meyers

Well, who wouldn't be?  Agree!

You know you're a geek when. you're more turned on by The Avengers than by Magic Mike. Well minus Channing Tatum he is like a super hero

Haha Ellen

I knew I loved Ellen. She definitely speaks to the shipper's heart.<--Ellen gets me on a spiritual level

VICTOR VON DOOM! ...but yes, vision was in that movie too

Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans Avengers Interview On Who’s The Villain In Fantastic Four 2

Sir Patrick Stewart & James McAvoy

Sir Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy, Ian McKellan, X-Men: Days of Future Past, answering questions at a panel at ComicCon.

I love him! I just saw Iron Man 3 tonight and that kid is just amazing. I predict that even though RDjr is no longer Iron man, the kid will grow up and become the next one so they can make a bunch of movies about him. I would love that.

You shouldn’t say that…

RDJ is Iron Man. I would seriously hate to see someone else as iron man, cause rdj just is iron man now. 4 movies plus a cameo. He is iron man. He is hilarious, & sexy. He's god.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Andrew Garfield - Peter Parker and Emma Stone - Gwen Stacy - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I read this and breathed air out of my nose in silent laughter. Then I read it again and laughed under my breath. The I read it again and chuckled. Then I read it out loud and I'm laughing out loud. It's too great. "But at least they're pretty" hahaha!

PART 60 (ugh an hour until class actually starts for real)

XD *blushes* I don't know why, but I always found Obi-wan more attractive than Anakin in the Star Wars movies.