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I used to have this picture taped on my notebook in middle school.

Gerard Arthur Way, borned in Newark in the lead singer in my favourite band in this world - My Chemical Romance. Gerard Arthur Way, .

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, I'm sorry but just look at Gerard's face!


Elyza Lex by GLPing on DeviantArt  Haha im a total lexark shipper like elyza would be so cool on ftwd and an alycia eliza reunion would be so cute

Was suppose to be Wanheda drawing counterpart for this Heda piece…but after 307 happened and people starting to made up this “Elyza Lex” character I couldn’t help wanting to at least make one art for.

Gerard Way

if brendon urie, gerard way, and pete wentz circa all had a baby. And it ended up looking like Billie Joe Armstrong

My Chemical Romance <3

this band.has been my stronghold through everything, any hard time, their lyrics have gotten my through and i've never become emotionally invested in any other band but this one---------- Same girl same. But I've gotten emotional invested in a lot