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Aggressive fingers...

Rise of the Finger Ninja! Someone has way too much time on their hands.or is that fingers?

How double negatives work in English                                                                                                                                                      More

Funny pictures about Jury of English Majors. Oh, and cool pics about Jury of English Majors. Also, Jury of English Majors.

aYbbWb2_460s.jpg (460×2330)

Funny pictures about The Power Of A Baby. Oh, and cool pics about The Power Of A Baby. Also, The Power Of A Baby photos.

Try to pronounce food while you are eating it... maybe I call some of these this even when im not eating them...

This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while…

Sincerely, these had me laughing out loud! Grab someone who can laugh with you. Then read these aloud. I'm crying 'cause I'm laughing so hard.


in case of a fire. we’re just gonna have to die.so true :/ can't do spiders

Quotes or memes I that make me smile :)

For the classroom. "Don't lose your pen, you will die." Great humor for middle school!

The Teachers Have Escaped

The Teachers Have Escaped

Funny pictures about Teacher's Time Of Relief. Oh, and cool pics about Teacher's Time Of Relief. Also, Teacher's Time Of Relief photos.

lol comment what you would do... I would go and kill everyone I hate

Whoa, calm down there…

Lol I go on the Disney channel website all the time. It's hysterical how they say to ask your parents before going online when the majority of people watching Disney channel is teens.


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