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Just Before ~ a moment in time

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X-treme art! X-rays turned into amazing art project - NY Daily News

X-treme art! X-rays turned into amazing art project

To get an X-ray this clear requires nearly 12 minutes of continuous radiation…

STREET ART UTOPIA » We declare the world as our canvasStreet Art by By Codex Inferno » STREET ART UTOPIA

street art mural graffiti two kids scribbling drawing on wall delft codex intferno. Artwork and Photography by Telmo Pieper

Beautiful. <>--People with Books: Vintage Photos--<>

I'm not waiting for you and secretly hoping. Not longing for laughter, not missing your arms. Once again I sound happy and overall convincing. If it wasn't for my writing, I might have fooled my own heart.

Deenesh Ghyczy- Thought-Provoking Paintings of Out-of-Body Experiences  http://dghyczy.com/

Abstract Layers of Contemplative Portraits

Fragmented Paintings by Deenesh Ghyczy. A couple of paintings by Berlin-based artist Deenesh Ghyczy. The painter creates portraits with different fragmente

"It silently makes the point that if whales and dolphins were floating around us this visibly, maybe we would care more about their protection. Sadly, for most people, what's out of sight is out of mind, and our ocean ecosystems are suffering tremendously from overfishing, pollution and global warming."

What's a humpback whale doing in the forest?

A humpback whale. in the forest? short video made by Gentleman Scholar for Whales and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) is so striking, you have to see it (make sure to watch in HD and full-screen mode)