Lady of Shalott

Lady of Shallot by AlyFell. Though I don't know why the Lady of Shallot is pictured with a sword . is that in the poem?

Airmid the Celtic Goddess of Healing Arts...By Artist Unknown...

Which Celtic Goddess Are You?

the beautiful Celtic Goddess Brighid Not Norse, but both join later in Ireland


one day i'm going to come across a BJD so beautiful, that i simply stop breathing. this was a close one - julia cross I want to make a crown like this


Anime picture with fate (series) fate/stay night fate/zero saber berserker (fate/zero) wlop tall image blonde hair green eyes looking away ahoge signed braid (braids) wind eyelashes reflection watermark girl male weapon

Bayard Wu on

Artist: Bayard Wu aka bayardwu - Title: first lady - Card: Unknown

Springtime in Nericis's dream

Original artwork -J. Amazing artist, Jonathon Earl Bowser Sigyn is the Norse Goddess of fidelity. She is the second wife of Loki. During his imprisonment she stayed with him and eased his suffering. Sigyn is known for her loyalty and compassion.

Cailleach Bheur

Cailleach Bheara is the Celtic Hag Goddess and mother of the deity Morrigan/Morrigu,