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Rotbot Systems are developing an industrial Exoskeleton based on a crowd sourcing module.

Temporary tattoos could make electronic telepathy and telekinesis possible, according to electrical engineer Todd Coleman from the University of California, San Diego, who is making noninvasive ways of controlling machines via the brain. Wireless, flexible electronics applied to the forehead to read brain activity.

Temporary tattoos could make electronic telepathy and telekinesis possible

The Hi-Tech Tattoo That Could Replace ALL Your Passwords: Motorola Reveals Plans For Ink And Even Pills To Identify Us - The Moto X is expected to launch later this year and will be more contextually aware than other phones

New Honda ASIMO Displays More Human-like Movement

New Honda ASIMO Displays More Human-like Movement

Honda’s ASIMO robot has certainly wowed viewers for a few years now, but is there really a day when we can actually purchase an ASIMO to.

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China Launches Its First Moon Rover

China Launches Its First Moon Rover - Riding atop a modified Long March rocket, China's Chang'e 3 moon lander & its rover Yutu toward the moon at a. Monday local time from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in the country's Sichuan province.

Yellow sac spider - attracted to petrol lays its eggs in petrol tanks. Unfortunately, this action caused the risk of fire. It also forced Mazda to issue a voluntary recall notice so it can apply a software fix to its cars.  Now - this is a bug that no software engineers can fix - hahaha.

Spider invasion prompts Mazda fix

Petrol-sniffing spiders invade Mazda engines and cause fires - Electronic Products

Thailand's Google Street View Backpacker | Travel + Leisure

Meet the Guy Responsible for (Most of) Google Street View's Stunning Thailand Imagery

There's one person we can thank for a majority of the virtual Thailand tour.

Reach in and touch objects in videos with 'Interactive Dynamic Video'

To simulate objects, researchers analyzed video clips to find “vibration modes”…

Bitcoin Teknik Özellikleri

False Flag Set Up? Bitcoin Collection To Assassinate Obama? A Black Op Con?

Researches to Prove that Robots can Learn from Each Other Scientists at Netherlands are working on RoboEarth, a project to show that robots can learn from each other and pass on information. The four-year project, in collaboration with six European research institutes, demonstrates the skills of robots by connecting four of them via Internet at a hospital setting.  The robots collect and share data stored on cloud knowledge base.

Researchers demonstrate “Wikipedia of robots”

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iRobot Discount Best Price RoombaInsurers will destroy themselves to nudge us into robot utopia