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Ditto - FunSubstance

Rattata Family Reunion- sometimes I wondered if my Pokemon ran into family members in the same tall grass they were caught in? Talking about pokedexes.

Owning a Pokemon vs. Owning a Real Pet

Pokémon games make being a Pokémon trainer look like an absolute fantasy—especially next to owning a real pet. And sure, there are some aspects about being a Pokémon trainer that aren't as messy as what comes with being a real pet owner.

Comic pokermon

Pokemon Crisis - funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - - this is soooo sad!

The irony in catching a Pokemon - You can't catch one that faints... make sense huh?

pokemon logic This happened with me and Reshiram in White 2 One friking hit with Sacred Sword from Cobalion and it fainted I was so upset

Pokemon Red/Blue VS Pokemon Sun/Moon honestly sun and moon wasn't that hard for me. I beat it with in a few days, and never found any issues with beating the composition. But maybe that was just me. (And no I did not transfer my old pokemon to the new game, you can't until January 12th)

Pokemon Red/Blue VS Pokemon Sun/Moon

Forbidden Love by raizy

I could actually FEEL the feel arrows when I saw the smooch panel ❤️❤️ Forbidden Love by raizy

The Problem With a Pokemon MMO

Okay, let's say Game Freak decides to take the plunge and finally give us the Pokémon MMO that so many people clamor for.

Wrong choice!

Wrong choice


Dammit Joy

What Really Happens at a Pokemon Center, the ruin of all our dreams. 2 days ago I saw the pink thing take its egg out and some weird crap to fix a Pokemon. This is way better. PS I'm not a fan of pokemon

Pokefans will understand, but it is really easy to read

Pokefans will understand

Pokefans will understand, but it is really easy to read