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Mudi the hungarian herder by SaNNaS

This is a dog I met at a tiny dogshow. Those small dogshows are priceless - filled with friendly people and dogs. I just love to visit them Breed: Mudi . Mudi the hungarian herder

Kaiken or torainu: "tiger dog," a breed from Yamanashi-ken

Kai Ken: a japanese breed thats docile, good with kids, excellent hunters and guard dogs, virtually never shed.

Portuguese Water Dog ... wouldn't mind this one for Christmas... right up there with the Goldendoodle!

Learn all about the Portuguese Water Dog, a non-shedding dog breed that is great with kids. This dog requires plenty of exercise.

CROATIAN SHEEPDOG PHOTO | Croatian Sheepdog Breeders,Puppies For Sale

13 Coolest-Looking Dog Breeds - Mudi – Like Australian shepherds, but fluffier! They might look like their Aussie (American) cousins, but these small herding dogs originated in Hungary.