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Nazareno Tubaro from Argentina show his tattoo art tagged with Chest Dotwork Tattoo.

Different head, with octopus tentacles and maybe some Islamic geometric patterns? On my side? Maybe an upper half sleeve?

55 Awesome Octopus Tattoo Designs

Really like this design that combines an elephant and an octopus. Both the elephant and octopus create a powerful creature that is symbolic of ancient wisdom and undiscovered mysteries.

Melow Perez defines things in geometric terms, possessing an uncanny ability to unpack images to their skeletal core then fill them back up with shadow and dimension. Mandalas, a spiritual and ritual symbol, are a specialty of his. Perez is able to extend his familiarity with these patterns into almost any other design. Melow's tattoos appear to reflect light. His artistry is a showcase of technical proficiency that is rare in any medium, which serves as a contemporary take on the power o...

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