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To celebrate the Day of School" students were supposed to wear 100 of something. So going with the theme of "I survived 100 days. We put 95 bandaids on the t-shirt and he wore 5 on his body. On the back we added "So did Mrs.

If you've followed me at all over the course of the past few years, you know I LOVE to incorporate my students' pictures into their l...

Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business: Get Ready for a Super Hero Themed Day of School Right Here with freebies}!

10 strips stapled to the sentence strips... all laid out for the kids to put stickers or stamps on... then gather them up with a gold brad and... voila! 100th day hat! :)

Day of School! Kids add ten things each to ten construction paper strips, then fasten with a paper fastener.

This is the cutest 100th Day Of School T-Shirt idea ever! Use band-aids to show that your child survived the first 100 days of school!

day of school, 100 days. Use double sided tape so you can remove the bandaids later. On the back, additional bandaids & quote.(teacher's name)

some ideas for 100th day of school class party-kids make hats and trail mix using 10 each of 10 ingredients, etc.

They made crazy 100 Day hats with 10 strips of paper with 10 squares each. The put a sticker in each square and then stapled the strips to their hats.