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Such a cute picture idea. Maybe I'll do three balloons and write "I Am Three"; one word per balloon for Londons birthday pics :)

"And every color, you've ever seen, silver and violet, orange and green."

Balloons that glow - put a glow stick in it, this would be great for a night reception outside! AWESOME idea for my wedding. White balloons and glow sticks inside them

i love this!! something  fun to do with my sisters or girlfriends!

Inspired by vintage: Retro swimwear style - myLusciousLife

Balloon senior picture ideas for girls. Senior picture ideas for girls with balloons.

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Children Balance on Rail in South Dakota. Photo from Black Star, 1959 - kids learning balance.

Dear Me! Way to go! This is for reaching your first 10 pounds! Because of your hard work and believing in yourself, you are now in a lower weight class! I knew you could do it! Keep on this path! I love you! I believe in you!

color- i chose this because i love attending concerts or huge parties and love how the color of the balloons stand out in the picture.

rain rainboots kid playing in the street ducks

My Daughter Kanna, Japanese Photographer Takes Imaginative & Adorable Photos of His Daughter

Why do you need a model if you have such a lovely daughter? Japanese photographer Toekatsu Nagano, created a stunning photo album with pictures of his daughter Cannes. Photo album called simply: «My daughter Kanna

Rosie the Riveter as a girl:

37 Creative Hairstyle Ideas For Little Girls - I guess this is more like "future child stuff" but oh my lord, so cute!

one wild woman's perspective on life through photos not necessarily my own and the things that make me sing.including Scottish men, handmade garments, animals, great photography and.

I sooooo LOVE this!

Such a fun summer backyard idea for little girls to have their little tea parties, read books, paint nails, and enjoy the sun. this is a must do for blakely and future daughters

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