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because whitey is basically a bully who can't admit that he's throwing a fit due to fear of losing the privilege that he did nothing to deserve shifting its balance.

I concur. What about quirky, witty black girls? Nerdy black girls? Black girl hippies? Or just a girl who is a complex human being and not merely one simplistic archetype? .It seems to be getting a little better though!

(and really, would showing a nerdy black woman really be that hard? Or a black granola girl?

And I still can't believe that there are black people cosigning it #BlackLivesMatter #Sayhername

Yassssss I had to prove to my mama that i wasnt bad cuz of my music teacher telling lies🙄and the kids not sticking up for me nd my friends.S my music teacher is white👊🏾✌🏾️

P.U.B.L.I.C. L.Y.N.C.H.I.N.G.  Governor says HE CANNOT DO ANYTHING to stop it....  Justice in AMERIKKKA... and you need-grows are spokesmen and ADVOCATES for OBEYING their LAWS... @ kill ur self.edu.net

SHAMEFUL: Announcement for a Lynching -- as reprinted in "The Crisis" from the New Orleans States newspaper, 1919

Ok but..... how?!?! Can't boys just figure it out on their own and stop acting like toddlers?!

Ok but why so much hate on boys just because they're different than the so called "perfect female"? So dramatic.

I like country music but it's so bad with misogyny like it treats girls as objects in 99% of songs

That's one reason why I can't country music. Cause them daisy Dukes and moonshine on her lips. Just ew. And pretty much patriarchy is everywhere in music<< I mainly listen to alternative and I don't notice misogyny that much

Seriously, of course I really do know why... racism, hate for those others that are different from their sick norm!

Even in war, there are various signals used before kill shots. It doesn't make sense why police officers immediately go to murder and people assume that it is "well, in the heat of the moment.

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But of course it isn't like one race is the problem race and the other is the angel. Both races have good people and bad people. That's what makes us truly equal.

1,402 Likes, 13 Comments - UndocuMedia #HereToStay (@undocumedia) on Instagram: “This!! On point!! ✊”

1,402 Likes, 13 Comments - UndocuMedia #HereToStay (@undocumedia) on Instagram: “This!! On point!! ✊”