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Banco de peces en Cabo Pulmo México

Photographer and marine biologist Octavio Aburto snapped the images of the "fish tornado". Images of an underwater fish "tornado" were captured at Cabo Pulmo National Park in Mexico.


I believe my favorite animal in the kingdom are Stingrays. They are amazing and beautiful creatures.

Orange Peel Nudibranch Richard Salas At almost 12 inches long, this brightly-colored orange peel nudibranch is the largest of all nudibranch species. It eats such unappetizing things as sea pens and coral (but really, who are we to judge?). The orange peel nudibranch is also the only nudibranch species that's eaten by humans—both cooked and raw.  Photograph was taken in Browning Wall, British Columbia, Canada.

A crowdfunded photography book aims to put spiny lumpsuckers, brooding anemones, and other strange underwater creatures into the spotlight.

Bottlenose Dolphin Two, Facing, One on Top of the Other Photographic Print at AllPosters.com

Bottlenose Dolphin Two, Facing, One on Top of the Other

Intelligent life: Dolphins possess the next most impressive brain after humans, according to research. Orca "whales" are really dolphins and in this category of intelligence.

Sea turtle

Green Turtle, South West Rocks, Australia - Tony Brown I actually caught one of these by hand in Panama City Beach Florida in Maybe a different breed, but a sea turtle nonetheless.

Colorful Jellyfish Species - 365 funny pics

Never thought I would be calling a Jellyfish Beautiful, but this picture is really, really, beautiful! so nice


Related to the jellyfish and corals, Siphonophore is a continuous chain of specialized polyps - individual animals that grow from one another in an organized colony. Some in the colony are devoted to feeding, armed with stinging cells to snag fish or in

What took me so long to do a another sea post? I think I forgot the breath-taking variety and beauty in our seas.